You probably have questions about our Destination Wedding Planning Consultation service. That’s why I propose you a FAQ which will allow you to prepare you first contact with me.

What is the difference with a classic wedding planning service ?

A wedding planner will help you to organize your wedding in its globality. All along your preparations, the wedding planner will give you advices and guide you with tools, according to your expectations. But he will also have other missions such as going out on the field with the research of vendors, the assistance during your meetings and his presence to coordinate the D-Day.

After 4 years as a destination wedding planner, I decided to keep the first step only and to focus on advices so you can apply them with confidence !  This way, you’ll have all the benefits of a wedding planner but you will keep the pleasure to plan your wedding yourself.

We live abroad, how can you help us ?

Specialized in Destination Wedding Planning, I can work with you by Skype or by phone. I will give you all the advices to succeed in the organization of your wedding in France (formalities, particularities…)

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What is the best moment to contact you during our wedding organisation ?

Our Destination Wedding Consultation service can occur in every step of your preparations.

If it’s the beginning, our 10 hours package will allow you to have a monthly follow up until the D-Day. This way, we will make a point every month in sequence and you will immediatly get the right basis.

If your preparations have already started and you struggle with some points, you can choose the bespoke service with 1 hour sessions. With this service we can talk about one or several topics according to your progress. It can be comforting before the big day.

Which tools will you share with us ?

A personalized planning, a budget monitoring table, advices sheets… After consultation, you’ll have all the elements needed throughout the preparations.

Will you give us your opinion about the vendors we choosed ?

The aim of the consultation is not about giving my personal opinion on your vendors. But I will advise you on which questions you may ask them and the points you need to check with them so your relation with the vendors goes well.

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Will you give us your vendors address book ?

No, I am not selling a vendors list. That’s simply because you can find lists on specialized websites such as or Zankyou. The aim of our collaboration is to give you the good tools for a personalized vendors research. I also want to remind you that I will have no contact with your vendors or guests.

We think that we can find enough information on Internet and blogs….

In fact, you will find many advices for your wedding organisation on wedding blogs and forums. However, the advices may be not personalized and not adapted to your questions and needs. By choosing a bespoke service, you can be sure that you can ask all your questions. We will give you a professional opinion according to your situation and anticipate your upcoming needs !

Contact me now to get personalized advices in Wedding Organisation !