5 rituals for your wedding ceremony

Hello there,

Today on my top 5 mood, I’d like to share with you some rituals for your wedding ceremony, you will like ! According your personalities and desires, and the symbol, find the best ritual which will complete your celebration !

Sand ritual

For who ? For couples which looking for a spiritual dimension, with eternity idea, and family construction / gathered families.

With what ? One vases, two bowls with sand of differents colors, and a third vases you could keep and let in your house.

How ? The celebrant explains the symbolic and invite Bride & Groom to take their bowl and shed sand on the common vase. My advice : plan the ritual after the rings exchange !

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Have a look on Helen & David’s Wedding !  

Rose ritual

For who ? Romantic lovers, the ones they are looking for a participative ritual, or for planning a surprise during the ceremony for the Bride (and Groom). The flower can be really symbolic and can be kept as a souvenir.

With what ? Prepare or ask to your florist to prepare the plants and plan a vase. Eternal roses can be a  solution to keep the gift.

How ? At the end of the ceremony, the celebrant call the guests as they can take the rose and bring it to the newlyweds. It’s a good transition for couple who doesn’t want a special exit, and to keep a souvenir of their union.

Tree Ritual

For who ? Nature lovers, and whom will looking for a durable idea. You can see your tree grow up at home and this ecologic ritual can be participative.

With what ? A couple of days before the wedding, buy a tree (Oliver is perfect cause it represents fertility and prosperity, but you can go ahead with another indoor tree). Plan a pot for the DDay, some land, and a watering can with some  water.

How ? The celebrant will explain the symbolic and invite you to put it on the pot. Some guests can join you, as your family or kids. This ritual is generally at the end  of the ceremony, to don’t break the emotional moment.

Love letter / Bottle of wine

For who ? Romantic. couple whom looking for a special souvenir to celebrate their first anniversary (or more), or if you’re shy and you don’t exchange your vows during the ceremony.

With what ?  A couple of weeks before the Dday, buty together a bottle of wine and a  nice box. The Day before, write your vows individually or simply things you’re thinking about just before to say I do. During the ceremony, you’ll need tools to clock the box.

How ? The celebrant will invite you to put your letters on the box. If you want to us a participation, ask for your guest to prepare some words as well. It will be a good surprise to discover all of these love notes 1 year after..And enjoy your bottle !

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Lovers Library

For who ? Cine, books addicts, lovers who want to let their guests participate to the ceremony. This ritual can be adapted on any artistic support.

With what  ? When you’ll send your invitations cards, or after, ask for your guests to bring a book for you. You can choose a theme or trust them ! They can as well let you a love note on the book. Send a reminder just before the Dday. And plan a big box to keep your library safe before traveling.

How ? After the explication of the ritual, the celebrant will call the guests to give their books. According the number, the break will be more or less longer, and can be join by a live lusic. I advice to plan this ritual at the end of the ceremony (guest could enjoy to congratulate you!).

Well, now you know the 5 top rituels for your symbolic ceremony. If you’re looking for a wedding celebrant in the South of France, feel free to get in touch !

Why plan your wedding in Provence ?

Dear futures newlyweds,

You love the South of France and want to realise your union there. But how to decide among its several regions and their beautiful places ? Emeraude & Coton wedding planner in Provence help you by giving you 5 reasons why plan your wedding in Provence may be what you need.

A wedding in Provence : hurrah for the outdoor !

If you are looking for a great weather for your wedding, Provence area is the second sunniest region of France with more than 2800 hours of sun in 2017. Organizing a ceremony, a cocktail or a dinner outside is probably less risky in this area of France. The best moment to organize your wedding in Provence is mostly in may, june and september. Be careful with july and august where it can be really hot. Under thirty degrees celcius, your wedding could be difficult for you and your guests.


Discover treasures during your wedding in the South of France

Provence is, without doubt, a picturesque region with an unbeatable character. There, you can find typical villages. Some of them have been named most beautiful villages of France, such as Gordes or Venasque. If you love nature, this region is ideal for your wedding in the south of France ! Its landscape are made of lavender fields, olive trees, canyons and mountainous relief such as the Verdon Gorge and the Mont Ventoux. The beauty of this region inspired numerous painters and writers. Is there a more romantic place to organize your wedding ?

Wedding planner Gard - agence mariage montpellier nimes

A chic wedding in Provence

You will surprise your guests taste buds because, as you might know, organizing your wedding in Provence also means enjoying the regional wines and the provencal gastronomy. In order to taste it, you can count on your Provence wedding planner. In fact, our agency Emeraude & Coton can propose you the best caterer. They will make you discover the local gastronomy. Ratatouille, tapenade or Calissons from Aix, getting married in Provence is the guarantee of an unforgettable culinary experience. Finally, your caterer will give you advices concerning the wines, to side your dinner.

An exceptional venue for your wedding in Provence

Concerning your wedding venue, you have many choices : provencal cottages, wine estates, villas, castles, hotels… The region is full of romantic places. Our wedding planning agency in Provence allow you to be guided in your choices. You have to know that Provence is a very family destination for weddings because it is a dreamy region for future newlyweds, particularly in foreign countries. It is important to plan your wedding more than a year in advance so you can book the venue of your dreams. Don’t hesitate to visit our page of our exceptional venues in Provence !

Getting married in Provence, an accessible region

You would like to get married in Provence but you’re afraid that it might be complicated for your guests ?  In fact, organizing your wedding in Provence is not that difficult thanks to Marseille Provence airport and Nîmes airport. It is possible to get to Nîmes airport from London, Liverpool or Brussels. The airport of Marseille is accessible from Paris and the rest of France, but also from Canada and many europeans country such as Ireland, Switzerland or United Kingdom. From the airport, your guests will just have to take a shuttle to your wedding venue. You can count on your wedding planner in Provence to organize your guests transport. You can also get to Provence from Paris thanks to the TGV, particularly with the TGV stations of Avignon and Aix-en-Provence. The rest of the region is well served by railway lines that will allow you to travel easily.

If you dream about Provence and need help to organize your wedding there, contact us !

Wedding Planning Abroad Tips : How to organise transports and accommodations ?

Dear future newlyweds,

Your wedding is coming and you want everything to be perfect. Here are some wedding planning abroad tips concerning your transports and accommodations.

On the D-day, after an emotional day and a wedding party, your guests will probably be tired and will not be able to drive. That’s why it is important to think about their accommodations and transports.

Which accommodations for your wedding ?

First of all, if you want accommodate your guests, choose a venue which provide rooms onsite. The venues in Montpellier and area often offer a bed and breakfast service onsite. It can be ideal to rent this type of venue as your guests can fully enjoy your wedding.

In case you aren’t able to pay for the whole accommodations don’t want to participate to the accommodation fees, choose a venue situated next to a city. This way, there will be more hotels choices and your guests will not have to drive a long time after your wedding.

If your wedding is happening in the countryside, you will probably find campings and B&B close to the venue. Also, a countryside venue often provide a field and is surrounded by nature.

Why not planning a glamping service ?


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Which solutions for your guests transport ?

Your guests can agree to carpool and designate the driver. Carpool can be organised thanks to free websites such Covievent or Togetzer, but also with the help of your wedding planner. This solution seems to be ideal to save money and for the environment too.

Also, your wedding planner can help you to set up a shuttle service with a dedicated driver for the night (with taxis or buses).



Think about providing an itinerary to your guests with the different places of your D-Day. You can naturally give this task to your wedding planner.

Thanks to our knowledge of local companies and vendors, we can help you to manage your guests travels and accomodations.

If you are looking for a wedding planner in Montpellier, don’t hesitate to contact us !


The Wedding Day Bridal Kit

Dear brides to be,

The wedding season has started. In fact, from may to september, we have many weddings in the South of France. Thanks to our experience, we are able to give you some tips to make your Bride wedding day kit ! 

We know that your wedding is going to be a long day and some elements may disturb your comfort.. For example, bright sun, uncomfortable shoes, tears that may ruin your make up… That’s why you might need your Wedding Day Bridal Kit . Stored in a bag or a box, here are the few accessories you will need :

Make-up products for your wedding 

Your make up will be perfect at the beginning of the day, but maybe some tears of joy will damage your mascara. Also, your red lipstick may be removed during the day. To fix this kind of problems, think about make-up removing wipes, foundation, mascara, loose powder and a lipstick

Perfect hairstyle until the end of the night  

After the ceremony, a lot of greetings and hugs are waiting for you. Hairpins, hair spray and a little hairbrush may be necessary to fix your hair during the day.


Crédits: Wedding & Conffetis

Beauty care for wedding abroad  

Your hands will have to be perfect, whether it is for the rings exchange or for the couple photos, so think about a hand mask. Also, a deodorant and a water spray will help you to feel fresh all day long.

By planning your wedding in the South of France, you will probably spend a lot of time outside and the weather can be really sunny, so don’t forget to bring sunscreen.

An helpful pharmacy kit 

Just in case (and maybe if you partied too much the night before), aspirins are a must. As wedding planner in the south of France, I have to warn you that many of the wedding venues here are situated nearby water points.. Mosquito repellent should be appreciated.
Also, if your shoes are uncomfortable and your feet hurts, take some plasters with you. And why not flip flop ?

By the way, don’t hesitate to take several pair of shoes to make sure you feel comfortable to dance all night long.

sandrine steve destination south france wedding planner (2)

Crédits : Alain l’herisson

Otherwise, a safety pin for your dress, a toothbrush and tissues could help you on your big day.

Of course, you may not need all of these accessories, but they will be there just in case. Meanwhile, relax ! You can count on your bridesmaids to carry the kit and take care of it.

I hope these few advices will help you pack a complete emergency kit and help you planning  your in the South of France !


5 things to know before booking a wedding planner in France

Dear Bride and Groom to be,

France is a popular destination to get married, and if you plan your wedding abroad, you’ll find lot of wedding planning services.

What are the essentials things to know before booking a wedding planner in France ? We give you some tips for !

1. Wedding Style 

In first and before booking a wedding planner in France, you need to define the atmosphere you want for your wedding. When you’ll sort out some ideas, you’ll look for the wedding planner who is able to provide the wedding style you want. Intimate, Sophisticated, Atypical, French proposes a large choice of landscape and possibility.

I’m now able to plan sophisticated and formal wedding in a Chateau, but as well a boho and intimated reception on a Mas.

2.What packages are proposed ? 

If you plan your wedding abroad, a package need to be propose for your case.

Indeed, your experience with your wedding planner will be differents, and need to be adapted to the hour lag and distance. During our first meeting, check with the planner what tools she uses, what are her availability..

In general wedding planner in France propose a full or partial wedding planning service, bespoked or not.

In the first case, which it’s mine, you choose all the elements of your wedding : vendors, scenography.. And it’s supposed implication, decisions from you, guided by the consulting of the wedding planner.

In the second package, to my mind, it works as a travel agent and propose a package including all the costs and all the vendors and elements and the planner is your unique interlocutor.

booking a wedding planner in France

3. What about the training  ? 

Wedding planner in France isn’t not an official jobs with specific reglementation as lawyer for exemple. Any wedding planner have the power to do your formalities (but we help you with consulting !) and any diploma is official.

As wedding planner in Montpellier since 2015, I’m a member of the  which is working to give to the wedding planner a legal framework, and provide the best experience for the bride and groom to be.

Moreover, any official diploma exists at this stage to become wedding planner. Even if make a training seems essential, keep in mind your wedding planner can be totally freelance. Personally, I choose a training in 2014 and regularly, I follow master class.

4. Experiences for planning a wedding in France 

The first thing you’ll probably looking for on a wedding planner website would be the reviews and testimonials. Indeed, it’s a guarantee of a good customer satisfaction. In this way, a website page can be a good source, but as well the social medias and referral websites.

Real Bride and Groom speak about their experience and the qualities of the wedding planner. Be sure all is clear and corresponds to you !

I choose a specialization and propose only wedding planning on my area because it’s the area I know better over the world. In this way, I know all the treasures and constraintes and I can advice you confidently.

Concerning me, Bride and Groom speaks in particular about my kindness, availibility, and capacity of listening. Then, the quality of the vendors I introduced them. Feel free to read my wedding planner in France reviews there ! 

Destination Wedding

5. Quote and Insurance 

As a wedding planner company in the South of France, I have an insurance to protect me and the Bride and Groom while all the preparatives and on the DDay.

All the legal terms are explained on the quote of your wedding planner. French laws are complicated but need to be explained by your planner. Means and dates of payments, obligations, cancellation etc.. The first advice is to read and check all this points with your planner.

Beware about low cost service, which probably hide suprises !

Hope you’re now ready to find your perfect planner and booking a wedding planner in France !

If you want to get in touch, please use my contact page !