5 tips for your destination wedding beauty

Dear Brides-to-be,

The D-Day, everyone will look at you, and you need to be perfect for the photos. But, how to plan your destination wedding beauty ? Discover the tips from Nanoo, hairdresser and MUA in Montpellier !

What treatments the Bride can do for the D-Day ?

In first, for your wedding, your skin needs a special treatment. Nanoo advice to do that 1 week before the DDay for a facial car and hair removal. “The day before, help your skin with a night cream, and a day cream the morning”. To avoid red marks or allergies, plan your treatment 1 week before the DDay.”

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And concerning the hair ?

“Ideally, plan your shampoo the day before. The, your hair will be softer and waver.”, explains Nanoo. “A natural drying is always better”. On the South of France, you can afford to let your hair dry with the warm !

Could you give some tips for the bride’s hairdress ?

Nanoo recommends natural shampoos and sends brides an explanatory note with the shampoo to use. She asks them to treat their hair with this care regularly during the year. “Commercial shampoos are often too concentrated and oily, which suffocates your hair. To be beautiful, your hair needs to breathe,” explains our hairdresser and makeup artist. She also advises against making masks that tend to grease hair and make it heavier, “I recommend using egg yolk and olive oil to replace masks.” Our professional regularly has positive feedback on this technique that sublimates the hair.

Crédits photo : Katu Webb Photography

How do you weary your eyes and get rid of the dark circles?

Some of you will naturally have dark circles, others will simply be tired on the wedding day.That’s why we asked Nanoo for advice on getting rid of dark circles. “Nothing beats the natural! I recommend using blueberry water or rose water,” explains Nanoo. For the application, our professional advises to use warm compresses that should be tapped on the underside of the eye and especially not to rub because it is an area where the skin is sensitive. “You can also make blueberry water cubes to apply in the morning or in the evening by tapping,” says our makeup artist.

What do you think is the wedding advice to give for beauty?

Nanoo usually says to stay self-reliant. “You have to sublimate yourself, but don’t disguise yourself!” quotes the beauty professional. Also, it is very important to have a good diet. Indeed, Nanoo explains that what you eat is reflected on your skin but also on your hair. It is then necessary to adopt a good diet to have a bright face and healthy hair!

Now, you know what you do to plan your destination wedding beauty confidently. if you need to be guided, ask for our wedding planning service !

How to book a Wedding Video Maker ?

Dear Bride & Grooms to be,

You’re getting marriend in France, and consider the option to hire for a wedding videomaker. But, how to choose and book a professionnal ? Your wedding planner in Montpellier interviewed Erik, from Le Studio Video who tell us 5 tips to help to book the best videast for your DDay.

When should Bride & Groom start to looking for their videomaker ?

“I would say..ASAP. Wedding videomaker are more and more required, even if there are more choice in term of styles. The best would be to book this vendor 1 year before your Day. After, it’s always possible but the choice will be pretty limited.”

According you, why it’s important to hire a videomaker moreover a photographer ?

According Erik, it depends of couple expectations. But in general, video brings something more emotional than the photo. “On a film, we can hear people laugh, move, talk.. We feel the atmosphere, for example during the special excitation of the first dance. we could remember differents souvenirs with a best real life mood”.

Could you explain what styles of wedding videomaker could we found ?

“In first, the storytelling, which is a narrative film, from a speech or a review for example. Secondly, a videoclip is a longer video (10-30 min) or a reportage covering (more than 30min).” For example, Erik uses a lot of reportage shoots, with natural immersion, and lights. “The, the artist could add some music (entertain or slow), with differents colors, slow motion.. Every film is unique”.

For you, what are the tops moments to capture on the Day ?

“The one : the arrival of the Groom to the ceremony, then, his first look with his wife-to-be.” During preparatives, Erik love to capture Bride connections with her closes, and some natural shoots of the guests during the cocktail, when they are relaxed.

“For the party, speeches, first dance, and wedding cake entrance will be the keys moments”. But he lets Bride & Groom guide him to keep what is important to them.  

The important thing to know before to hire a videomaker ?

“Bride & Groom should be totally confident with the artist, so the feeling is as important as his style.”  To give to them the best experience, Erik meets them several twice, in real life or by video call. “So, on the DDay, videomaker could feel all the emotions naturally, and sublimate them !”.

We could help you to hire your wedding videomaker in Montpellier.  Please use our contact page to tell us more about your project !

FAQ Destination Wedding Planning Consultation

You probably have questions about our Destination Wedding Planning Consultation service. That’s why I propose you a FAQ which will allow you to prepare you first contact with me.

What is the difference with a classic wedding planning service ?

A wedding planner will help you to organize your wedding in its globality. All along your preparations, the wedding planner will give you advices and guide you with tools, according to your expectations. But he will also have other missions such as going out on the field with the research of vendors, the assistance during your meetings and his presence to coordinate the D-Day.

After 4 years as a destination wedding planner, I decided to keep the first step only and to focus on advices so you can apply them with confidence !  This way, you’ll have all the benefits of a wedding planner but you will keep the pleasure to plan your wedding yourself.

We live abroad, how can you help us ?

Specialized in Destination Wedding Planning, I can work with you by Skype or by phone. I will give you all the advices to succeed in the organization of your wedding in France (formalities, particularities…)

destination wedding planning france

What is the best moment to contact you during our wedding organisation ?

Our Destination Wedding Consultation service can occur in every step of your preparations.

If it’s the beginning, our 10 hours package will allow you to have a monthly follow up until the D-Day. This way, we will make a point every month in sequence and you will immediatly get the right basis.

If your preparations have already started and you struggle with some points, you can choose the bespoke service with 1 hour sessions. With this service we can talk about one or several topics according to your progress. It can be comforting before the big day.

Which tools will you share with us ?

A personalized planning, a budget monitoring table, advices sheets… After consultation, you’ll have all the elements needed throughout the preparations.

Will you give us your opinion about the vendors we choosed ?

The aim of the consultation is not about giving my personal opinion on your vendors. But I will advise you on which questions you may ask them and the points you need to check with them so your relation with the vendors goes well.

destination wedding planning

Will you give us your vendors address book ?

No, I am not selling a vendors list. That’s simply because you can find lists on specialized websites such as mariages.net or Zankyou. The aim of our collaboration is to give you the good tools for a personalized vendors research. I also want to remind you that I will have no contact with your vendors or guests.

We think that we can find enough information on Internet and blogs….

In fact, you will find many advices for your wedding organisation on wedding blogs and forums. However, the advices may be not personalized and not adapted to your questions and needs. By choosing a bespoke service, you can be sure that you can ask all your questions. We will give you a professional opinion according to your situation and anticipate your upcoming needs !

Contact me now to get personalized advices in Wedding Organisation !

5 ways to use RSVP

RSVP are great … but it is still better when people we the dismissals!
On average, 60 % of the guests send back RSVP … What are Wedding RSVP ideas to receive 100 %, and settle so some lines of organization?
Our partner Frédérique, creator to Les petits papiers du bonheur, accepted to reveal some of these ideas! To choose Les petits papiers du bonheur, it’s to be accompanied to create the stationery which will follow your theme.. With an experience of more than 7-year-old stylist-graphic designer, Frédérique renews and appropriates the trends, the fashion and the graphics for what she likes most: share some emotion, and the tenderness, paper goods.


How to intrigue our guests and to tempt them to answer?

For the evening: ask each for an element so that the evening is a success for them too: for example a song for a dance, a karaoke, a question for a game ..

Coupon réponse avecun choix de musique

For the decoration and the memories

Ask for a participation with an object, an element to send back … for example a coupon of fabric to create a patchwork, an unforgettable memory which will be of use as bottom to your photobooth and to recycle in attractive tartan rug for the winter!


   un patchwork pour un photobooth

Preparation of a surprise

A RSVP which it is absolutely necessary to send back otherwise the surprise cannot have league! The idea: a puzzle which is reconstituted as we receive  (With a photo, a text, a sentence …)

Pele mele puzzle

Participation in the dresscode

There are several possibilities to participate in the dresscode which one will your guests choose? The total look, the accessory, or just a touch of color!

coupon réponse avec enveloppe choix dresscode

An advice for successful day:

Leave we a message to encourage in our preparations

Coupon réponse avec conseil

To facilitate the answer of your guests, we can bet on various sizes :
The version mail, traditional card with the noted address, it does not more remain than to stamp!
The RSVP with a supplied and pre-filled envelope
Version geek : the coupon with the web site, or why not a flash-code: you do not have more than to check the good box and click to send!
Thank you Frédérique for her good advice!

And you, what are your small things to receive your RSVP without loose your mind ? Say we everything in comments!
You plan your wedding in Montpellier or creation of custom-made paper goods ? Don’t hesitate to contact us!


Wedding Coordination Services

Hello all,
Today, I wished to share more in detail with you the Wedding Coordination Services. This service is essential to enjoy fully of your wedding !

What is the role of your wedding planner?

A wedding coordination begins in reality well before the D-day, approximately 2 months before. Indeed, when all your vendors are booked, I organize a logistic RDV  on your venue with them.  At least, the caterer, the DJ, the photographer, and the decorator.
So, it makes us to detail  all the logistics of the D-day and to anticipate the unforeseen. It can go of the access truck, in the road sign to be set up, to the light for photos. It is there that I am going to ask you all the questions to accompany you at best: plan B in case of bad weather, who composes the procession, if you wish to make a bouquet throw etc.

And that I takes the address and phone number of your close friends for the possible surprises for your attention!
From there, a schedule of your day results, with address and phone number of the speakers, the plans of room, table etc.


Here comes the D-day

Having sent the schedule to you and to your vendors, I check with everybody that everything suits OK.
The D-Day, for my part, and this whatever is the number of guests, we are at least 2 wedding planner . We are never shielded from a case of absolute necessity, and I consider that we cannot take care completely of bridegrooms + vendors + unforeseen only.
From the beginning ofv your preparatives, our team is thus on the ground to welcome the vendors (decorator who often arrives early etc.). Througtout the day, I can need to request you and to make you validate certain points, but in 99 % I do not need an it because everything will minutely have been prepared.


Also, I am there by your side to make sure that you drink and eat (and I always insist on these points), that you do not forget your bouquet, your rings, your wishes.. Consider I a 2nd brain is not of excess in these cases there! I can also assist you in your dressing, and I like be here for first look there🙂

wedding planner montpellier herault gard nimes romantique aide mariés

Our mission continues throughout the day, in particular for the management of your ceremony (ies). Respect for the timing, the management of the procession, the photos .. No moment is left at random!
We are there to manage the small details (which have the importance). For example: the good implementation of the paper goods, the ignition of candles, tests for the surprises with your witnesses .. And even sometimes, according to the chosen option, some handlings!

We leave you generally after the service of the wedding cake, the last highlight of the day. From there, the DJ takes care to put the atmosphere, and the owner of your place of reception must normally be always available if necessary.
If however shuttles are organized to return the guests at night, we remain always reachable if necessary.

Congratulations for your marriage

Certain future newlyweds request also the presence of our team the day after, for the brunch.


Mariage Coachella Mexique Chic

In this case, we raise very early to clean a little the place. For example, the putting in a safe place of the urnthe welcome of the vendors for installations and diverse deinstallations. The opportunity to extend the pleasure after festive night.
Our mission stops not only during aurevoirs. Indeed, in a quality approach, I am anxious to estimate the satisfaction of my bridegrooms at every service.
So, I plan  a last RDV, where I collect your feelings on the D-day, on my service, and each of my vendors. The opportunity  still to thank you and to hear from you.


Fine, you know everything about the wedding coordination services in Montpellier with Emeraude & Coton, your wedding planner.

With our experiences, our team has already welcomed the marriages from 50 to 180 people. With venants guests of all the world.
Need to be accompanied for your D-day? Contact we for your wedding coordination in the Hérault or somewhere else!