Dear Bride & Grooms to be,

You’re getting marriend in France, and consider the option to hire for a wedding videomaker. But, how to choose and book a professionnal ? Your wedding planner in Montpellier interviewed Erik, from Le Studio Video who tell us 5 tips to help to book the best videast for your DDay.

When should Bride & Groom start to looking for their videomaker ?

“I would say..ASAP. Wedding videomaker are more and more required, even if there are more choice in term of styles. The best would be to book this vendor 1 year before your Day. After, it’s always possible but the choice will be pretty limited.”

According you, why it’s important to hire a videomaker moreover a photographer ?

According Erik, it depends of couple expectations. But in general, video brings something more emotional than the photo. “On a film, we can hear people laugh, move, talk.. We feel the atmosphere, for example during the special excitation of the first dance. we could remember differents souvenirs with a best real life mood”.

Could you explain what styles of wedding videomaker could we found ?

“In first, the storytelling, which is a narrative film, from a speech or a review for example. Secondly, a videoclip is a longer video (10-30 min) or a reportage covering (more than 30min).” For example, Erik uses a lot of reportage shoots, with natural immersion, and lights. “The, the artist could add some music (entertain or slow), with differents colors, slow motion.. Every film is unique”.

For you, what are the tops moments to capture on the Day ?

“The one : the arrival of the Groom to the ceremony, then, his first look with his wife-to-be.” During preparatives, Erik love to capture Bride connections with her closes, and some natural shoots of the guests during the cocktail, when they are relaxed.

“For the party, speeches, first dance, and wedding cake entrance will be the keys moments”. But he lets Bride & Groom guide him to keep what is important to them.  

The important thing to know before to hire a videomaker ?

“Bride & Groom should be totally confident with the artist, so the feeling is as important as his style.”  To give to them the best experience, Erik meets them several twice, in real life or by video call. “So, on the DDay, videomaker could feel all the emotions naturally, and sublimate them !”.

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