Dear Brides-to-be,

The D-Day, everyone will look at you, and you need to be perfect for the photos. But, how to plan your destination wedding beauty ? Discover the tips from Nanoo, hairdresser and MUA in Montpellier !

What treatments the Bride can do for the D-Day ?

In first, for your wedding, your skin needs a special treatment. Nanoo advice to do that 1 week before the DDay for a facial car and hair removal. “The day before, help your skin with a night cream, and a day cream the morning”. To avoid red marks or allergies, plan your treatment 1 week before the DDay.”

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And concerning the hair ?

“Ideally, plan your shampoo the day before. The, your hair will be softer and waver.”, explains Nanoo. “A natural drying is always better”. On the South of France, you can afford to let your hair dry with the warm !

Could you give some tips for the bride’s hairdress ?

Nanoo recommends natural shampoos and sends brides an explanatory note with the shampoo to use. She asks them to treat their hair with this care regularly during the year. “Commercial shampoos are often too concentrated and oily, which suffocates your hair. To be beautiful, your hair needs to breathe,” explains our hairdresser and makeup artist. She also advises against making masks that tend to grease hair and make it heavier, “I recommend using egg yolk and olive oil to replace masks.” Our professional regularly has positive feedback on this technique that sublimates the hair.

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How do you weary your eyes and get rid of the dark circles?

Some of you will naturally have dark circles, others will simply be tired on the wedding day.That’s why we asked Nanoo for advice on getting rid of dark circles. “Nothing beats the natural! I recommend using blueberry water or rose water,” explains Nanoo. For the application, our professional advises to use warm compresses that should be tapped on the underside of the eye and especially not to rub because it is an area where the skin is sensitive. “You can also make blueberry water cubes to apply in the morning or in the evening by tapping,” says our makeup artist.

What do you think is the wedding advice to give for beauty?

Nanoo usually says to stay self-reliant. “You have to sublimate yourself, but don’t disguise yourself!” quotes the beauty professional. Also, it is very important to have a good diet. Indeed, Nanoo explains that what you eat is reflected on your skin but also on your hair. It is then necessary to adopt a good diet to have a bright face and healthy hair!

Now, you know what you do to plan your destination wedding beauty confidently. if you need to be guided, ask for our wedding planning service !