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Today on my top 5 mood, I’d like to share with you some rituals for your wedding ceremony, you will like ! According your personalities and desires, and the symbol, find the best ritual which will complete your celebration !

Sand ritual

For who ? For couples which looking for a spiritual dimension, with eternity idea, and family construction / gathered families.

With what ? One vases, two bowls with sand of differents colors, and a third vases you could keep and let in your house.

How ? The celebrant explains the symbolic and invite Bride & Groom to take their bowl and shed sand on the common vase. My advice : plan the ritual after the rings exchange !

Crédit : Aurélie Demarez

Have a look on Helen & David’s Wedding !  

Rose ritual

For who ? Romantic lovers, the ones they are looking for a participative ritual, or for planning a surprise during the ceremony for the Bride (and Groom). The flower can be really symbolic and can be kept as a souvenir.

With what ? Prepare or ask to your florist to prepare the plants and plan a vase. Eternal roses can be a  solution to keep the gift.

How ? At the end of the ceremony, the celebrant call the guests as they can take the rose and bring it to the newlyweds. It’s a good transition for couple who doesn’t want a special exit, and to keep a souvenir of their union.

Tree Ritual

For who ? Nature lovers, and whom will looking for a durable idea. You can see your tree grow up at home and this ecologic ritual can be participative.

With what ? A couple of days before the wedding, buy a tree (Oliver is perfect cause it represents fertility and prosperity, but you can go ahead with another indoor tree). Plan a pot for the DDay, some land, and a watering can with some  water.

How ? The celebrant will explain the symbolic and invite you to put it on the pot. Some guests can join you, as your family or kids. This ritual is generally at the end  of the ceremony, to don’t break the emotional moment.

Love letter / Bottle of wine

For who ? Romantic. couple whom looking for a special souvenir to celebrate their first anniversary (or more), or if you’re shy and you don’t exchange your vows during the ceremony.

With what ?  A couple of weeks before the Dday, buty together a bottle of wine and a  nice box. The Day before, write your vows individually or simply things you’re thinking about just before to say I do. During the ceremony, you’ll need tools to clock the box.

How ? The celebrant will invite you to put your letters on the box. If you want to us a participation, ask for your guest to prepare some words as well. It will be a good surprise to discover all of these love notes 1 year after..And enjoy your bottle !

Crédit : Neupap Photography

Lovers Library

For who ? Cine, books addicts, lovers who want to let their guests participate to the ceremony. This ritual can be adapted on any artistic support.

With what  ? When you’ll send your invitations cards, or after, ask for your guests to bring a book for you. You can choose a theme or trust them ! They can as well let you a love note on the book. Send a reminder just before the Dday. And plan a big box to keep your library safe before traveling.

How ? After the explication of the ritual, the celebrant will call the guests to give their books. According the number, the break will be more or less longer, and can be join by a live lusic. I advice to plan this ritual at the end of the ceremony (guest could enjoy to congratulate you!).

Well, now you know the 5 top rituels for your symbolic ceremony. If you’re looking for a wedding celebrant in the South of France, feel free to get in touch !